Hey y’all, watch this.

Hey y’all, watch this.

Google and YouTube are almost as important to me as screwdrivers and wrenches when I fix something in our home. More and more leaders are looking for answers to ministry questions with video searches so we’re trying to meet those needs.

Last month you helped us launch three NW videos…

NW Answers – How can we reach Millennial Men?

NW Discipleship Training Tips – Summertime is Leadership Development Time

NW Father’s Day Message – Dad Lowered the Bar and Raised the Standard for Manhood

Do you have a men’s discipleship question that your church is wrestling with? Send us a note with a question that I may answer with a blog post and/or video. Follow us at vimeo.com/noblewarriors & be on the lookout for more videos coming soon!

Pray that these videos will be searched for and viewed as leaders seek answers to questions about how to reach and build men in their churches.

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