Hollie Gilman

As the Content Writer, Hollie has the unique and fun task of helping put Mike’s brain on paper! She loves playing a role in communicating the vision for Noble Warriors through planning, emails, podcast notes, partner letters, and more. As a wife and a mother of two sons, she also possesses a deep appreciation for the passion that Noble Warriors has for discipling men.

Hollie met Mike and Stacy when she and her husband, Michael, joined their adult fellowship group at church. Over the years, she did a few writing projects for the church, including one on their son Ben.

In March 2021, Hollie and Michael celebrated 25 years of marriage, and says that “time flies when you’re having fun!” They are also blessed to have three adult children who are all living and working close to home for now. Hollie enjoys loving on young(er) moms in the same way that she has been so blessed by other women who showed her how to love her husband children well over the years.

Fun Facts About Hollie

  • I am totally distracted by background music, and it’s all I can focus on if it’s playing. If we ever get stuck in an elevator, I might look like I am listening to you, but I am really singing the words to the elevator music in my head!
  • My favorite ice cream? Ice cream is an important topic, and I am a connoisseur. Gelati Celesti is the best in Richmond, and outside of Richmond we always look for a Jeni’s. Mint chocolate chip is usually my go-to flavor.
  • I am one of those people who likes to put all the veggies on my pizza (I usually get out-voted by the meat lovers), but I’d have to say banana peppers are my #1 choice.
  • My first car was a 1986 Ford Taurus – the original.
  • I would love to learn from C.S. Lewis if given the opportunity to have dinner with anyone from history. He has helped so many people understand God’s Word better through his brilliant writing.