How and What Do You Pray for Your Kids?

How and What Do You Pray for Your Kids?

How and what do you pray for your kids? Ponder that for a bit.

Are you praying for your children? While on a mission trip with my oldest son, I asked the men with us to pray with me, over Tim. A career missionary in the circle was moved and commented about how powerful it was for men, especially fathers to pray over their sons and other young men. Then he made this statement that I’ll never forget. Remember, this is a man who, in following Christ’s call to take the gospel to the ends of the earth, led his family to a hard place… He commented that “I have never heard my father pray out loud for me. And, to my knowledge, he has never prayed for me at all.” Shocking and sobering.

Men, pray for your children. Pray with your children. Pray out loud. Pray silently. Let them know that you are working in partnership with their Creator to see them become what He wants them to be. Pray for them to know Jesus, trust Him for salvation and follow his commands.

But there is something else that you must pray. The enemy is at work. He’ll lull you into lazy complacency. You must be guarded and diligent.

Read this powerful post from Eric Wallace (founder of Uniting Church and Home) to understand The Second-Most Important Thing a Father can Pray.

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