I Will Run!

I Will Run!

Nearly every man at our Richmond Noble Man Conference responded to Dr. Tom Elliff’s invitation to make the following commitment…

Dear God, by your grace, with the rest of my life, I WILL RUN!

Dr. Elliff unpacked five commitments from Hebrews 12:1-3 that Noble Men must make! Men want and need to be challenged to live in a way that honors Christ. You created that opportunity with your support for Noble Warriors.

A critical mass of men… nearly 600 men from about 60 churches create Kingdom moments that beg for men to drive stakes in the ground. And that’s just what happened on March 23 in Richmond. But, you also created that experience for over 700 men in Fredericksburg on March 9th as well. As men responded to Chaplain Barry Black’s challenge for men to commit to Pray, every day, with the open Word in front of them; allowing God to start the conversation.

When men gather to be equipped and encouraged, they are ready to respond to powerful challenges. But, we know that men often make commitments that easily fall to the wayside because we have a cunning enemy who refuses to give ground without a fight.

  • Let’s pray together that men who responded would hold on tight to those commitments and not fall victim to the enemy who is ‘prowling like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour’. 
  • Pray that their desire for Jesus will be greater than their desire to retreat to old ways!

Thank you for locking arms with us to make these moments happen. God is at work among us!

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