Illinois Chevy Dealership Hosts The Manger Build!

Illinois Chevy Dealership Hosts The Manger Build!

Check out this story from a guy who is passionate about The Manger Build! A community was impacted, seeds planted, the Light shown…and God used The Manger Build and a Chevy dealership in Pekin, Illinois to do it.

Dear Mike,

Several years ago there was a Manger Build card on a table at our church. I asked several people where it came from and nobody knew. I got online and researched the Build but couldn’t get anyone to join my passion for putting one on and the costs involved. Over the last couple years God kept bringing it up that he would love to use me for this event. After letting it go for the last several years this year was different. My son and I started doing pallet wood projects and we started building stables and mangers. Then we started getting requests to sell them. I was showing some coworkers and they asked if I would build one to put in front of the dealership. Of course I said yes. A few days later they asked if I would be on a committee to start doing community projects and help plan a Santa’s Workshop, free to give back to the community, and if I would do The Manger Build!

I was so full of joy and excited!! So 2 weeks before Thanksgiving we started the plans and away we went! The whole idea was to get as many employees involved in the events and decorating as possible. It ended up that only the committee members participated, but we let God lead the way and continued the mission! We provided The Manger Build free to the public and anyone who wanted to participate! 

Last year at the company Christmas party I delivered a message about going out and being the Light to coworkers, neighbors, community, family and to strangers. I let God continue that message this year by lighting the manger in the stable in front of the dealership to represent the Light Of The World! That was the driving force behind our desire to host not 1 but 2 days for the Manger Build. The stories we are hearing from the kids and families have been unbelievable! The owners of the dealership have been receiving cards daily thanking us for being bold and hosting The Manger Build at our company! We had a goal of 50 mangers but due to bad weather both build dates we built 24. Since we had mangers left, my staff members have been asking if they could use the kits to build mangers at their family Christmas gatherings! Of course we are excited to see mangers still being built. We built three with nieces and nephews at my family Christmas last weekend! We took this great opportunity to plant the seeds of Jesus Christ in our community, company and families! Thanks Manger Build!!! We are already looking forward to next year!

– Jeff



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