Interview with Joe Harvey: One Man’s Role in the Brian Dalrymple Story

Interview with Joe Harvey: One Man’s Role in the Brian Dalrymple Story

Change the man and everything changes. If you have been following the story of Brian Dalrymple, you have been able to learn about the change in his life and the leader he has become. That change was also brought through men the Lord brought into Brian’s life along the journey. One of those men is Joe Harvey (check out the blog post here). We were able to chat with Joe to learn about him and his role in Brian’s story!

What do you do for a living?

Currently I’m a captain in the Fire Department in Chesterfield. At the time of the ISI conference, I had been in the Fire Marshall’s office in Chesterfield for the last ten years which is how Brian and I connected.

Where do you go to church?

Parkway [Baptist Church].

In what ways do you serve at Parkway?

I serve on the worship team with my wife and daughter. We all sing in the choir. My wife and I sing in the praise team on Sunday mornings.

What is your relationship with Noble Warriors and Iron Sharpens Iron?

Mike is active at Parkway and promotes Noble Warriors. This past year was my first experience with ISI. I had received the emails for years, but this year I was asked to be part of the praise team at ISI.

Were you able to attend any of the sessions?

Yes, I went when I could and was incredibly blessed.

You received a prayer card prior to the conference. Can you explain the purpose of the Prayer Cards?

We went over there [to the ISI conference] the night before to set up and eat dinner. I didn’t really expect much except to go over some of the music and set up sound equipment. Mike came in talked to us about the conference, what the conference means to him, then he went over the purpose of the prayer cards. He said, “I have prayer cards that have 3 names on them. I would like each one of you to take one of these cards and pray for them tonight. As you get home, pray that these three men’s hearts will be open and that the Lord will speak to them. And that their lives would be changed.”

I was told that you received a prayer card with Brian Dalrymple’s name on it. Is that correct?

When I got the card I was dumbfounded because there can’t be many Brian Dalrymples in the world. I just went with the fact that I was praying for the Brian that I knew. I felt like Brian had a relationship with the Lord but we never really discussed it. We never really had those in depth discussions. It blessed me to get his name, to think that the Lord would want me to pray for somebody that I knew. That’s what I did. I really prayed for Brian, I prayed for him that night, that next morning, and in between services.

Were you able to meet up with Brian at Iron Sharpens Iron?

I looked for him that morning and didn’t see him, after lunch, didn’t see him. Lo and behold, towards the very end of the day, there was Brian Dalrymple. It was a tremendous blessing to me, because nothing happens by chance. Since then, it has extremely strengthened Brian and mine’s relationship.

Do you think he was surprised to see you?

I think so! When he saw me, I came up and he shook my hand and I said “Bro, I gotta show you something…”  I had it [the prayer card] in my pocket and I said to him,  “Last night we were given these cards with names on it. When I got the card and saw your name I thought, ‘there can’t be but so many Brian Dalrymples.’ I just want you to know that I have been praying for you for almost the last 24 hours.”

Since the Iron Sharpens Iron Conference, Brian and Joe still keep in touch. They attend fire certification classes together and run into each other once every couple of months. Joe was unaware that Brian was leading the weekly men’s group and was encouraged to hear what the Lord has done in Brian’s life! 

Stay tuned for more stories like Joe’s!

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