Interview with Rick Caldwell, Authentic Manhood

Interview with Rick Caldwell, Authentic Manhood

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For years Authentic Manhood and the 33 The Series have played a role in changing and shaping the lives of men for Christ. 33 The Series even played a role in the lives of David Argabright and John Rippey (read the story here). Noble Warriors had the pleasure of interviewing Rick Caldwell, the director of Authentic Manhood to learn more about him, as well as 33 The Series.

Tell us a little about yourself.

I work for Fellowship Associates as the Director of Authentic Manhood and attend Fellowship Bible Church in Little Rock. I love to travel with JoNell, my wife of 44 years. A fun fact about me is I actually grew up on a working cattle ranch, and once served as Senior Advisor on a presidential campaign.

What is your background in leading and/or participating in men’s ministry?

I spent 20 [years] as a Youth Pastor and Youth Speaker.

Was there a specific moment or event that encouraged you to serve in the capacity you do today?

Just over 20 years ago my life was deeply impacted by attending Men’s Fraternity taught by Robert Lewis at Fellowship Bible Church in Little Rock, Arkansas. In 2000, when God opened the door for me work for Fellowship Associates – helping men and churches experience the Authentic Manhood studies – I couldn’t believe it.  I am so blessed to be in a profession that is also my passion. I really get energized coaching men how to use 33 The Series to impact the men in their church and community.

You have been working with Authentic Manhood for over 15 years. How did you become involved in the ministry?

Robert Lewis and Steve Snider began Fellowship Associates in 1999 for the purpose of training young men to plant healthy churches and also to advance the Authentic Manhood movement. In 2000, I was invited to join the Fellowship Associates team. Soon thereafter, my focus became coaching and consulting with men and churches on how to use the Authentic Manhood resources.

A lot of guys are impacted by 33 The Series specifically. Can you give us a brief overview?

33 The Series is a video study that features a racially diverse three man teaching team and is filmed with testimonies, guest experts, and interviews. It is a study of authentic manhood modeled by Jesus in his 33 years on earth. It is available in six volumes with six sessions in each volume. The six volumes are…

  • A Man And His Design (6 weeks)
  • A Man And His Story (6 weeks)
  • A Man And His Traps (6 weeks)
  • A Man And His Work (6 weeks)
  • A Man And His Marriage (6 weeks)
  • A Man And His Fatherhood (6 weeks)

Why do you think it resonates with men so much?

I think it connects with men at a heart level.  It is both biblical and practical. Most importantly, it not only has life transforming content, it helps men get into a community of other men and actually process that content together.

What has been the biggest encouragement for you in hearing stories of men impacted by the ministry of Authentic Manhood and 33 The Series?

Hearing about men whose lives, marriages and families have been changed is extremely encouraging but the best part is hearing how these changed men are reaching out to other men outside the 33 group and spreading the message. 33 The Series is truly more than just a meeting, it is a movement!

You can listen to Rick’s Noble Man workshop HERE! Learn more about Authentic Manhood and 33 The Series here.

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