Invest in Your Marriage While Saving Some Money

Invest in Your Marriage While Saving Some Money

Men, when you think about your most important tangible assets, you probably think about your home or maybe a car. I’m sure that you guard and protect them with regular inspections, maintenance and repair. As a matter of fact, the wise man actually invests in ‘preventative maintenance’ because it’s cheaper and more effective than crisis intervention. (You change your oil regularly because a $30 oil change is much better than a $4,000 engine overhaul.)

I want to encourage you to view your marriage in the same way. Small, timely investments in your marriage are part of preventative maintenance that will spare you a crisis down the road.

Here are a few maintenance tips…

Talk daily.

Make sure you take time to listen to her everyday. A wise man once said that after “I love you,” men should learn another special three-word phrase, “Tell me more.” You have to connect.

Date weekly.

Take some time away from home and family each week for just the two of you. A breakfast, lunch or coffee date will work. It doesn’t have to be a steak dinner with flowers and candy. But she does need your attention, without distraction.

Retreat annually.

At least once a year (more is even better), you need to get a way for a few nights and really invest in your marriage. This investment is a bit more of a commitment but it’s the right prescription for many marriages. Yes, it will cost you something, but not nearly as much as a failed marriage. And let me suggest that you consider attending a Weekend to Remember marriage conference as your annual retreat some years. Stacy and I have been blessed by this experience several times. We always learn something new about God’s design for marriage, we learn more about each other and our hearts grow closer together. It’s worth the investment!

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Spread the word, and help save marriages (and money)!

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