It Started in our Garage…

It Started in our Garage…

Minute with Mike / October 2018

It started in our garage… before Noble Warriors was even a concept. As a young dad, I wanted to keep Christ in front of Christmas for our family. So, I’d take the kids out to the garage and let them help me build a life-sized, wood manger to put in front of the Christmas tree to keep our focus on Jesus. When Noble Warriors was launched, I wondered if other dads would be interested in doing this fun activity with their kids.

When I offered the idea to my small contact list, 21 dads agreed to join me in a local church basement to build mangers. I was amazed by the noise, laughter and magic of seeing dads on the floor building mangers with their kids!

So, we turned the project into a church resource called The Manger Build®. Now that we’ve launched the new interactive online training platform, we believe it will create even stronger impact opportunities. Be sure to check out this video story of Bethel Baptist Church in Yorktown hosting The Manger Build.

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