Workshop Highlight: John Dale, REBOOT Alliance

Workshop Highlight: John Dale, REBOOT Alliance

Our next Fredericksburg workshop presenter is serious about helping restore and turn men’s hearts to Christ. Meet John Dale, Operations Manager of REBOOT Alliance. John will be leading a workshop titled Stop the Bleeding for Military and First Responders. This topic is one that’s particularly close to John’s heart.

“Since most military veterans and first responders are men and being a military veteran and former first responder myself, I feel strongly about sharing how I got through the valley to help other men who’ve experienced service-related trauma see their marriages heal, cut the noose of addiction, and live a life full of joy and peace.”

John’s own discipleship walk started when he was deeply struggling. He says his friend Matt is the one who helped him jumpstart that journey.

“I was neck deep in a porn addiction and knew that he’d struggled with that himself and asked for his advice and he walked with me through that without judgement. The reason I knew to ask him about it was because he had been open about sharing that part of his story with others; it wasn’t shameful for him but instead it was about freedom. He strongly encouraged me that I come clean about it with my wife and that action is what started the necessary (and painful) healing process.”

We typically ask our presenters which Bible verse has spoken to them lately. John said for him it’s Hebrews 4:14-16.

“One topic we cover in the trauma healing courses we organize in local communities is how God can love us and let us suffer. Hebrews 4:14-16 talks about how Jesus is our great high priest and that role he plays allows God to better understand our weakness and I’d also say our suffering. That gives me comfort and helps me better understand how it’s possible for God to love me and allow me to be in pain.”

As for his reading list, John’s favorite book to give to others is Daring Greatly by Brene Brown He is currently reading A Better Way by John Barrow.

“The chapter I just read was about the importance of learning to be content in whatever situation we find ourselves in. It’s along the lines of what Paul talks about in Philippians 4:11.”

At this point in his life, John says the man he most relates to in scripture is Jacob.

“In spite of his rises and falls, he was a chose instrument of God. He also wrestled with God. In spite of my shortcomings and in the past wrestling with God, the Holy Spirit was clear that I devote my time and energy into helping others like me heal from trauma.”

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“Many of us have been affected by stress and trauma while on the job, whether we’d admit or not. Since we’re made up of a body, mind and soul, all three can be impacted as a result. There are many interventions for physical and mental injuries but not many for the soul and that’s what this workshop is about.”

To learn a little more about John and REBOOT Alliance you can listen to this radio podcast:

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