Family Update | June 2023

HANNAH is home from her first year of college! She’s looking forward to babysitting and senior caretaking over the summer. She’s also jumping into our church’s young adult ministry with friends and discipling a few younger girls. 

BEN is in South Asia. His trip went smoothly. Along with his hosts and national believers, he’s already been able to visit some villages where there has never been a gospel witness. He and MIKE were at Ft. Moore (formerly Ft. Benning) for the command ceremony as TIM took command of an Experimental Company in the Maneuver Center of Excellence. We hear from ZACH less frequently as he’s quite busy with his unit in Eastern Europe. 

LIAM had his second open-heart surgery on May 19th. Surgery went as planned, but he tested positive for Rhinovirus afterward and had to spend extra days in the ICU. MIKE, STACY, and HANNAH took OWEN home to Columbus while TIM and CAROLINE remained in Atlanta with Liam. 

Only BEN and HANNAH were home for Mother’s Day this year, but they continued the tradition of cooking lunch for Stacy! MIKE and STACY are launching a summertime marriage mentoring experiment with about 20 couples through their church. 

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