Kaden Kopko

Kaden has a heart for full time ministry and is currently putting his calling to use by serving Noble Warriors in the area of Special Projects. He helps produce various resources, including the podcast, online courses and discipleship material, as well as implementing a college and post grad internship program.

Kaden has a passion for intergenerational discipleship in the church, international missions, and outdoor adventure. During college, he had the opportunity to travel to Indonesia, and it was through his experience with the people, culture, and nature of that country that God solidified his call to the nations.

The oldest of six, Kaden grew up in New Jersey with a strong Christian family, and moved to Virginia to attend Liberty University. He has been married to his beautiful wife, Amanda, since 2020.

Fun Facts About Kaden

  • My favorite ice cream is cookies and cream.
  • I think pineapple and bacon are the best pizza toppings.
  • My first car was a Honda CRV.
  • I would want to sit down with Peter. He had the unique opportunity of navigating leadership of the very first church and overseeing its spread to a large portion of the globe. I feel like a conversation with him would be enlightening for myself, and the church as a whole today.