Minute with Mike / November 2020

Families and church leaders will be looking for new ways to keep Christ in front of Christmas this year.

Many traditions and events will be modified. Some will be canceled all together because this will be a Covid Christmas. Will you help others win by pointing them to our Let’s Build a Manger!® kits? You’re likely familiar with our Manger Build church events.

Group events will not be as popular this year, so we’re focusing on the smaller kits.

Equip families to build a tabletop manger together and use it to help celebrate Christ. The six hands-on devotional activities bring Christmas to life and encourage Dads to lead their families.

Yes, this is a shameless plug. We’d love to sell our inventory this year. Would you help us serve families and grow this aspect of our ministry? (A church in MO just ordered 3 cases of kits because they love the concept!)

Here are a few practical ways you could help…

  • First – pray that the uniqueness of this year will help families experience Christ in rich new ways.
  • Go to facebook.com/DadsToolsLike, Follow and Share posts.
  • Order a kit for your family or a friend at DadsTools.org.
  • Let us know if you would like for us to send a complimentary kit to a children’s ministry pastor or director you know personally.
  • Pray with us that Let’s Build a Manger!® will help families across the land keep Christ in front of Christmas!

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