Keynote Highlight 2020: Bryndan Loritts, Shadow Hills Church

Keynote Highlight 2020: Bryndan Loritts, Shadow Hills Church

Pastor Bryndan is the Teaching & Care pastor of Shadow Hills Church in Las Vegas, NV. He is married to the love of his life Lucretia and has 3 girls, LeiLani, Bryana, and Sinaiya. He is also the son of Pastor Crawford Loritts, who happens to be his hero and key discipler growing up.

“He’s the greatest man I know. He’s my first Bible teacher. What’s more impressive to me about my dad is that his private life is way more impressive than his public. He is a man of utter integrity.”

As a pastor, Bryndan hopes to equip and encourage everyone, but knows that strong, biblical, male leadership is a must in the church and society at large.

“There’s an epidemic and there’s so much that God has in store for us. Men are the focal point of so much. The family, the church you name it. I love to encourage and challenge men to own what God has entrusted to us.”

Outside of the Bible, Pastor Bryndan says his favorite book to give to others is the one that is currently impacting him. Right now, he’s reading Fleming Rutledge’s book on Advent titled, Advent: the Once and Future Coming of Christ.

“The main thing is that there’s a call to live urgently as believers in light of the second coming of Jesus.”

At this point in Pastor Bryndan’s life, he says the man he most identifies with in scripture is David.

“More so, because I feel like God has placed me in a wilderness experience for the past 10 years. Development in leadership, manhood, ministry, teaching and preaching, you name it. God has shattered my expectations and is emphasizing His in my life. Like David, I’ve been in a long hard season of the question he asks a few times in Psalm 13: HOW LONG O LORD?….  Still, God has been good to me.”

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