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Lindsay takes our chicken scratch ideas and turns them into something amazing! We originally connected with Lindsay in 2011 to revamp our website.

That short term project turned into another and another! She continues to work with us on graphic design, branding and web development! Lindsay has a desire to share Christ and help those in the local community with real needs. She also has a passion for teaching financial literacy to teens and young adults so they can prosper and eventually give back to the community. She is married to a pastor and has been active in ministry for over 10 years. They have two young children and currently call Roanoke, Virginia home.

Fun Facts About Lindsay

  • I love coffee ice cream or anything with Reese’s Cups in it!
  • The best pizza topping is cheese and more cheese! Who needs pepperoni when you have cheese?
  • My first car was a Honda CRV and it served me for 18 loyal years.
  • I would love to have dinner with Steve Jobs. I would ask him how he was able to break through all of the naysayers, take a huge risk and change how we interact through technology.