Family Update | April 2023

There’s been lots of movement in March for The Youngs. One thing we are learning from having adult kids in this stage of life – there is always something new and life-impacting happening in at least one of their lives! Parenting fades, and a new coaching or advising stage takes shape – when asked.  

We spent spring break with HANNAH having her wisdom teeth out and taking funny videos of her through that process. ZACH joined us, too, since he took time off before being deployed in early April. STACY AND MIKE treasured these times together, knowing it won’t be until next Christmas when we all can gather as a family. 

BEN’S spring break was filled with a mission trip to the Middle East and a 2-day layover in Egypt, seeing the pyramids and visiting a Coptic Church held in a large cave. The mission team worked in an afterschool center started by the local M’s, helped at a local refugee camp, and did some community prayer walking. 

TIM, CAROLINE, OWEN, and LIAM are home and adjusting to their new “normal” in this in-between period before Liam’s next surgery in May. Liam is growing and continues his weekly cardiology appointments. His big brother loves giving him attention. Owen has been excited chasing all the balls he got at his 2-year-old birthday – anything he can bounce, throw, or kick! 

NW Team Highlight

CHRISTEN MCKEY (NW Communication) has recently launched a website to share her family’s journey as they camp their way through all of the Virginia State Parks. At you’ll find park details, blog posts, and her new children’s book, The Joyful Camper. As spring and summer approach, she encourages families to get outside and explore God’s creation! Be on the lookout for her upcoming article about camping with kids in the May/June issue of Richmond Family Magazine

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