MaryTodd Cannon

Mary Todd Cannon

Mary Todd writes a lot of what you will read here on our blog and in our newsletters! Not only does she serve through the written word, she loves meeting the needs of others in any way that shows them the love of Jesus.

Mary Todd has been connected with Noble Warriors since the beginning through her family’s support of the ministry. (Her dad is Todd Christian!) She now serves by lending her writing skills to help us reach and build men. She loves serving others in small ways, whether it is hosting someone in her home, making baked goods, writing a blog, or leading with her Gospel Community. She and her husband, Jake, have one “cat child” named Hobbes.

Fun Facts About Mary Todd

  • I’m a pretty reserved person, but I really enjoy Metal (the musical genre). I took my husband to For Today’s Farewell Tour last year and I think he’s still recovering from that night!
  • Coffee is my favorite ice cream flavor.
  • The best pizza toppings are Spinach and Feta.
  • My first car was a 2006 Chevy Equinox.
  • I would love to have dinner with Susannah Spurgeon, Charles Spurgeon’s wife. Though my husband isn’t a pastor, like Charles Spurgeon, he is very involved in ministry and serving in our church. It would be neat to sit down with Susannah and get her perspective on serving alongside her husband and the ways she supported him through his ministry even if her service was more behind the scenes.