Men, Give Your Family Joy and Laughter!

Men, Give Your Family Joy and Laughter!

Originally Posted by Mike Young December 2008

I challenge dads to give their families TIME, JOY and DIRECTION.

I challenge you to give the gift of time to your children.

Let’s face it, there is no more precious commodity for any of us than time. So make sure you give them plenty of that precious gift. But today, I’d like to give you another gift idea for your family. A gift that’s probably a little easier to afford, but sometimes just as difficult to share.

The gift is joy.

Sure, joy is a great Christmas concept but we need joy in our homes throughout the year… now is just a good time to start a new habit.

I wonder, when was the last time you laughed with your children until tears rolled down your face?

When was the last time that the laughter spilled over at your dinner table with such abundance that you were just caught up in the magic of the moment? When was the last time you held your little ones close and tickled them as they giggled uncontrollably? When was the last time your whole family laughed at an event or an adventure that wasn’t funny at the time but now the mere mention of it causes an eruption of laughter? When was the last time you and your wife talked about the level of joy in your home? When was the last time you thanked God for the gift of laughter?

Men, here’s your challenge for today. Ask God to help to help you create an atmosphere of joy in your home; Joy that is marked by laughter that is out of control at times. The kind that makes stuff come out of your nose. I hope you’re laughing at the thought of it.

Mike Young
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