Men of Action

Men of Action

Minute with Mike / April 2019

I love the gospel of Mark! It’s fast-paced! The word immediately is used nine times in the first chapter, alone! We believe this book share’s Peter’s perspective on Jesus’ ministry. Peter was a fireball, a man of action. He moved fast! Sometimes too fast. But, I gotta believe that Jesus is pleased with men who will act. He can steer a man who takes action. What he can’t abide is a man who won’t.

This is why I delight in comments from those who put conference teachings into action quickly. Consider these comments from conference attendees…

I realized I needed to take charge in in a major way in molding my grandson. After church on Sunday, we spent the entire afternoon exploring and metal detecting.

The men of our church were fired up and one started an online messaging group for all the men for accountability and planning activities.

Darlene and I have already planned a getaway weekend to discuss each other’s 10 questions.

I applied Toms’ rules for listening on Saturday evening and saw an immediate, positive response from my wife!

I contacted some men on Sunday and asked if they could meet me on Monday evening. There were some things I needed to confess. I’ve never done that. Six men met me.

  • Take a moment to praise the Lord for men who were moved by the Holy Spirit to take immediate action!
  • Pray that others will act on what they learned as well!

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