Every church I know of would like to see more intergenerational engagement.

Whether you call it mentoring or discipleship or something else. We know that the young man needs the old man’s wisdom, and the old man needs the young man’s strength. 

How do you move folks in this direction?

Celebrate someone who’s already doing it! In Experiencing God, Henry Blackaby told us to “Find where God’s working and join him there.”

  • So, look around, there’s some seasoned man in your congregation who’s already investing in younger men.
  • Ask him about what he’s doing and why? How did he get started? What are the results?
  • Ask for his permission to share his story as a sermon illustration. Interview him either live or on video to get his example in front of others.
  • Make sure you ask him how being a blessing to others has become a blessing to him. He’ll have an answer. 

So, for a quick win and to build some momentum, celebrate what God is already doing through someone in your church who’s living out Titus 2

Need some inspiration? 

Check out this podcast titled “Three Cheers for Mentors” by Robert Lewis (Spotify Channel – Robert Lewis Sermons)

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