Method Changes But Message Remains the Same

Method Changes But Message Remains the Same

The Manger Build® debuted in 2014 as a tangible resource for churches. Since then, thousands of families in hundreds of churches across 33 states have built mangers and used them to keep Christ in front of Christmas. Now, it will be easier than ever for men in local churches to embrace the concept of The Manger Build and host an event.

This year we’re introducing The Manger Build Experience as a fully-digital online resource.

When someone purchases The Manger Build now, instead of being mailed a box with a book and other assets, they get access to an interactive online training course on how to pray, plan, prepare and execute an event in their church and community. We’re excited that we’ve been able to integrate text, videos, downloadable documents, along with links to blog posts, articles, outside resources and great information/ideas about what to do next.

The Manger Build Experience is a really cool event. But it’s most impactful when churches invite men to build a manger with their children (or someone else’s) then use the suggested devotional activities to keep Christ in front of Christmas for their families.

Now is a great time to launch The Manger Build Experience at your church or in your community! Check out the new interactive online training at Use the discount code nwpartner for a special discount just for our monthly partners. (valid until October 20th)

  • Will you join us in praying that at least 200 new churches will host The Manger Build Experience this year?
  • And… That many families who celebrate Christmas but don’t know Jesus will encounter Him as Dads step up to lead their families.

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