Workshop Highlight: Mike Whitmer, Disciple 1 Ministries

Workshop Highlight: Mike Whitmer, Disciple 1 Ministries

“I believe we’re all called to make an impact and that even one is worth the fight.”

This is what drives Mike Whitmer of Disciple 1 Ministries to pursue men. Mike and Disciple 1 Ministries focus on the relational aspect of discipleship with the goal of those discipleship relationships multiplying in the local church and community.

Mike experienced that kind of discipleship himself through one man, Rex Tignor.

“When he prayed over my son with epilepsy and I started attending his men’s group.”

As for the hero in his life, he (rightfully) gives that title to Jesus, but he also says his son.

“He’s [Jesus] the ultimate role model. He[my son]  never stops fighting and has had to work for everything he achieves.”

At this moment Mike is currently reading Shocked by the Bible and is learning some of the origins behind Christmas traditions. His favorite book to give to others is either The Forgotten Jesus or The Case for Christ.

The man in scripture he most identifies with at this point in his life is Job.

“[Job was] beat down but not broken and strong in faith.”

You can learn more about Mike and Disciple 1 Ministries HERE!

“I owe God my service. All I do, I do for him.” – Mike Whitmer

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