Ministry is About Changed Lives

Ministry is About Changed Lives

Minute with Mike / January 2020

Ministry is about changed lives. A transformed life is hard to measure BUT impossible to refute. One of our challenges is that when men participate in our events, we don’t always see or even hear about decisions and/or transformations that take place. We delight in the reports that do get back to us. A small bit of encouragement goes a long way.

While we can’t often measure full impact, we can measure participation. So, we always want to have more men at our events. We desire to reach more churches. We know that numbers increase the possibility that men will come face to face with Jesus and make life-altering, eternal decisions. We know numbers aren’t everything, but they do matter. So, we set goals, pray for God’s guidance and work under the Spirit’s direction.

We hope and pray that our 2020 conference season will be our strongest ever!

Will you join us in praying for…

Remember, when Jesus transforms a man, everything changes.

Imagine the impact that you are having when you battle in the spiritual realm for the souls and influence of men!

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