April was an exciting month as we launched a new way to connect…

The Noble Man Podcast

So far, we’ve posted 8 episodes with more to come. We’ve encouraged men as spiritual leaders to lament, learn and lead, look for the good, be intentional with family meals and the value of playing games as a family.

Our May theme is how men honor God by honoring the women in their lives.

But why start at the end? You should start at the beginning! You may want to hear or re-hear the story of the founding of Noble Warriors in Episode 1. Mike shares how God led him on a journey from pre-med to high school educator, and from construction to mangers. We hope it’s an encouragement to someone out there wrestling with a calling in their life. Check out this and all the episodes at NobleWarriors.org/ Podcast.

You’ll hear where the name Noble Warriors came from.


Isaiah 32:8 says, “But the noble make noble plans, and by noble deeds they stand.”


Psalm 127:4-5 describes children “like arrows in the hands of a warrior.” We want to equip men to raise up and release arrows to do “damage for the kingdom.”

And Mike’s definition of what a Noble Warrior is…

Ready, equipped, and trained for battle in a valiant, God-honoring way.

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Thank you for praying and giving, (some of you for our entire 15 year history!) to help churches build Noble Warriors who walk with Jesus and lead well!

  • Pray with us that this new NW ministry initiative will gain traction and serve churches and men well!
  • Pray that men will respond as God pricks their hearts to call them into ministry or to lead differently in some way.

This is a time of financial uncertainty for many individuals and organizations. With the loss of conference revenue from our two largest events, Noble Warriors falls in that category.

As you are able and led, partner with us financially at NobleWarriors.org/Donate

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