No One Loves You Like a Mother…

No One Loves You Like a Mother…

For Mother’s Day, I thought I’d point you to one of my favorite Mom stories in the Bible.

Take time this week to read Exodus 2:1-10 to learn about the faith of Moses’ mother.

  1. Moses was a beautiful baby, “a fine child” – He was born in a time of turmoil. His life was literally in danger as Pharaoh ordered that every son born of the Hebrews should be cast into the Nile.
  2. By faith, Moses’ mom did the only thing she could think of. She put her precious baby in a floating basket in the Nile. Clearly, not a great option but at least he had a chance. Take note of the fact that her faith prompted her to do this. She knew that if she held on to him, he would soon be killed like the other Hebrew children. So, she put him in the river.
  3. She stationed a lookout. (The Bible doesn’t say this but you’ve got to think that Moses’ mother told Miriam to watch the basket.) As his sister watched, the daughter of Pharaoh saw the basket and found baby Moses. Pharaoh’s daughter took pity on this child, recognizing the Hebrew baby was destined to die without intervention. Miriam watched the events unfold and offered to find a nurse for the baby.
  4. Her faith was rewarded. So, guess who she went to get. Crazy cool! Miriam (Moses’ sister) went and got her own mom. And it gets even cooler because Pharaoh’s daughter said, “Take this child away and nurse him for me, and I will give you your wages.”

That’s the part I love and the example for us all. By faith, this mother released her child to God’s plan by floating him down the river. God, in his providence, allowed her to have him back and get paid to nurse him.

I don’t pretend to fully understand motherhood but I love the fact that this mother released her son by faith and was rewarded in the most amazing way! Not only did she get him back for a time but got paid to take care of him.

Happy Mother’s Day, to my mom (Vivian Young) and all the other mothers who believe in your children but release them by faith for God to work in and through them. God, in His unique and unexpected ways, will reward your love and faith!

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