Noble Manhood

Noble Manhood

Minute with Mike / October 2017

The word Noble in Noble Warriors caught my attention in 2005 when I was reading through Isaiah 32. In the NIV, verse 8 says, But the noble man makes noble plans and by noble deeds he stands. I was drawn to the fact noble is used 3 times in one verse. Recently I spent some time with verses 1-7 and found a clear picture of godly manhood in the passage.

Take time to read Isaiah 32:1-8 and take note of the following…

Jesus is the king who will ultimately reign in righteousness and his followers will rule in justice. v.1

They will provide protection (hiding place, shelter, shade). v. 2

They will bring awareness and health (sight, attention, understanding, clear communication). v. 3-4

Conversely, the fool and the scoundrel will no longer disrupt, deceive, destroy or take advantage of the weak. v. 5-7

And then this powerful verse… But the noble man makes noble plans and by noble deeds he stands. v.8

I love to unpack this passage with small groups of men because there is a clear picture of Jesus as the true example of biblical manhood and a compelling mandate for me and every other man as we walk with Jesus and lead others into his presence.

Pray with us that Noble Warriors will faithfully and consistently point men to Jesus and noble manhood!

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