Noble Men Impacted

Noble Men Impacted

“All of our men with children attended [Eric Ludy’s] afternoon workshop as well for part 2. His material will be very useful and recommended by us in the future. Great speaker and a much needed topic for father’s/future fathers.”

“I was excited to get to go this year. I couldn’t make it last year as I ended up in the hospital a few days before the conference in 2017. I always come in skeptical as to whether or not the classes will speak to me and am amazed at how many do. I pray this continues to be a part of GOD’s plan for years to come. I am hoping to bring some youth with me next year.”

“What a story! It’s clear that [Barry Black’s] story is real and relevant. He gives thanks to God and hope for the rest of us. He spoke in a manner that keeps you engaged. I am proud of him and glad God has him in front of the Senate.”

“Thank you all for the many efforts, investments, & sacrifices towards supporting & equipping churches in building warriors for Christ. Conferences are always well done, keep up the excellent work.”

In Psalm 77, the children of Israel were reminded that God’s way is not always easy or comfortable, but He is present and faithful.

Your way was through the sea, Your path through the great waters; Yet your footprints were unseen. You led your people like a flock by the hand of Moses and Aaron. Psalm 77:19-20

Last month I shared the story of how our conferences in Roanoke and Fredericksburg had met with unusual challenges. As you can tell by the comments above, our Richmond conference truly impacted men. Over 700 men from over 70 churches!

I’ll take the physical exhaustion of conference day anytime over the emotional stress of having to cancel one!

It is delightful to know that men were challenged to go ‘All In’ with Jesus by Barry Black. Eric Ludy encouraged and equipped men to understand personally and help their sons understand Biblical sexuality.

Workshops provided opportunities for men to be encouraged in marriage, fathering, purity, prayer and defending their faith. Men worshiped together, sat together, ate together, served together and grew together.

We’re also having great follow-up conversations with men and leaders of men who want help with launching, sustaining and growing men’s discipleship.

I’m not sure why we’ve struggled this year. But, I’m thankful that the Lord is faithful. He’s constantly teaching, shaping and refining us.

We’re already planning for next year’s conference season; anticipating that God will meet us at every turn, supply all our needs and guide us according to His plan.

  • Join us in praying for men and churches to continue applying what they learned during our 2018 conferences.
  • Pray also that God will guide us as we begin planning and preparing for 2019.

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