“Hey Mike, I love what you’ve done so far with the podcast. I really love the podcast “The Toxic War on Masculinity” (parts 1 & 2). It is something I love seeing people put up there as a major issue we have in society and even in the Christian life. I wanted to ask you about episodes 102 & 103 with Dean Briggs. I love his book “Brave Quest” and I love what it’s for… is there anything like this for girls? I have 2 young girls and I would love to go through something like this with them when they become of age.”

Thanks for this encouragement and for a great question. 

Dean’s Brave Quest is a truly unique work. I am not familiar with a similar resource for dads and daughters. However, I would recommend that you check out Dr. Michelle Watson Canfield’s work. She’s a Christian counselor who has a niche in working with dads of daughters. She hosts the “Dad Whisperer” podcast and has written a couple of excellent books to help dads make strategic investments in their daughters. She was a guest on our podcast earlier. 

Dr. Michelle Watson Canfield on The Noble Man Podcast

Dr. Michelle Watson Canfield’s Website

I hope this info is helpful. One other fun item. Here’s a link to another podcast I recorded with my daughter and some of her friends about how their dads had invested in their lives. You may find a few helpful tidbits here.

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