NW Southwest Answers: Top 3 Accomplishments of 2018

NW Southwest Answers: Top 3 Accomplishments of 2018

From a supporter and friend of Noble Warriors in Southwest Virginia:

What are the TOP THREE accomplishments you’ve achieved in 2018. What has been your biggest impact on local churches so far? 

Carl Benjamin, Southwest Regional Coordinator:

Surrendering to God

I would say my biggest achievement was actually surrendering to God by taking a huge step of faith to quit a comfortable corporate job with all the benefits to go into full time ministry; to enter the mission field of Southwest Virginia to work with churches and men to equip them to walk with Christ and lead well.

Building a Network of Contacts

The next achievement is really a result of number one. I’ve talked to a lot of men and churches from Lynchburg to Roanoke all the way to Bristol and points in between. I’ve been reaching out, networking, getting to know who and what is out there. I’ve built quite a network of contacts. And this is just the beginning. Who knows what God will do as we start connecting these various men, churches and organizations with each other.

Speaking at Churches

And through all of this, opportunities have arisen for speaking at churches. You may not realize how big that is, but for me that is huge! I do not see myself as a public speaker. The few times I have spoken in front of a crowd it was not pretty. I can lead a small group of up to twenty guys but I’m not comfortable in front of large groups. But I felt God leading me to speak in front of a church so I did. It went quite well I think, but only due to prayer and family support. Granted, the churches were small that I talked to, probably less than 100 people each. But God entrusted me with that, so I responded. And we’ll see what is next!

Are we having an impact on churches in the area?

There is one church I’m working with that is starting a new men’s ministry. There is another church that is reviving their men’s ministry and are very thankful for the resources Noble Warriors can provide. Another church in town, one of the larger ones, has something of a men’s ministry but could do so much more. We are building relationships with guys in that church to hopefully have an impact on those men.

And of course there is always the regional group – Noble Warriors Southwest. I have notes from this group’s meetings back to early 2016 but I think we were meeting even before that. Through these meetings we encourage, disseminate information, equip men’s leaders and build relationships. And this is vital so that a network of mutual support can be developed among the Christian brotherhood.

Remember however that during all this my primary goal was to raise support. As Mike Young says, I need to be at 100% of my support goal before I can be fully released to do full time ministry.

So the work that has been done this year I see as just a beginning.  We are scratching the surface of what can be done – laying the ground work as it were.

For next year I’ve already got a number of ideas for equipping churches and men to walk with Christ.

This is exciting work to be involved in. And I thank God for the opportunity and privilege to be a part of it.

Learn more about the Noble Warriors Southwest Regional Team here.

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