One Church Impacting the Community

One Church Impacting the Community

Little Zion Baptist Church in Powhatan is being led by a pastor who has also grasped the impact of investing in men… Here’s a bit of perspective from Pastor Greg Beechaum…

I learned about Noble Warriors through Lifeway and visiting the NW web-site. Then, I attended the Leading Noble Men conference. Afterwards, I reached out to Mike and I am grateful for the time spent; it filled a void in my heart.

Pastor Greg then launched a ministry to men through Little Zion. As he was gaining traction, the county called and asked him to develop and lead a new fatherhood program to serve some specific needs in the community. Last December he offered a special session where men in his church and the fatherhood program were invited to use our Dad’s Tools – Let’s Build a Manger! resource to engage their kids. Children were excited to participate in the activity with their dads or mentors and the men were blessed with an opportunity to truly invest in their children or mentees. The special event was featured on the front page of the local newspaper!

Many of our men realize that we have much to give to the next generation…and not just their own children, but to the many fatherless and hurting young men that one day will be called to father their children.

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