Family Update | March 2021

Zach is honestly ready to move on. Like most university students, he’s simply tolerating the online classes but he’s digging in with ministry. His BetterMan group is going well, and he’s working with leadership to help sustain momentum in the coming years.  

Ben is making the most of online classes from the house where he rents a room. Good news is there’s space for him to work on his latest project – a Yamaha 660 ATV that wouldn’t start or run.  

Hannah is finishing up her basketball season and doing a bit more babysitting. She’s beginning to consider options for finishing up high school and moving on to next steps. 

Tim and Caroline are counting down the days as they prepare for the arrival of Baby Young. Tim had 10 days of training on the Big Island but he’s back at home as they wait… 

Stacy is still working on her grandmother name. Who knew that was such a big deal?  

We were all able to visit Ben in Raleigh for his 20th birthday this month. No more teenage boys in the Young home! 

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