Partners Keep Us Accountable!

Partners Keep Us Accountable!

Part 3 of #TellTheStory

If you’ve been keeping up with our story, you’ve read about Carl’s Leap of Faith and It Just So Happened moments. Next, Carl Benjamin finds himself sitting in the office of John Rippey.

“I [Carl] gave him a call. I had no idea who he was. We set up a meeting to meet at his office. We’re just chatting about Noble Warriors and I gave a presentation and we talk. Then he asks, ‘So, you have a conference once a year in Roanoke. Why don’t you have them more often? We need to have more of those. That was good stuff.’”

Carl and John talk some more and softball ideas and suggestions off one another. As the conversation continues, John says that if Carl will follow through with his goal of reaching out to churches and disciplining men, he’ll be willing to support him.

“As I’m getting ready to leave he [John] gets on his computer and prints something off and says, ‘here you go!’ You get out there and do your stuff and I want to see you back in 60 days!’”

During those 60 days Carl continues to work to raise support and to spread the word about the resources Noble Warriors can offer local churches. After these 60 days are up he gives John a call and they meet up again.

“He asks what I’ve been doing, and I told him I’ve been raising support, talking to people, and talking to pastors. And he says, ‘That sounds pretty good.’”

They chat a little more, then John says he’ll write Carl another check to help keep him going, but he doesn’t want to write a check for the sole purpose of raising funds.

“I want you to be doing something.”

Carl understands and the two agree to meet again in 90 days.

“As I’ve gone out there, talking to guys about raising support and talking to more pastors about the things Noble Warriors can offer, occasionally John Rippey’s name pops back into my head. Recently I went down to Abingdon and talked to 5 pastors down there and I thought ‘I gotta make sure I tell John about this.’ In some ways, I see John as holding me accountable to do what I’m supposed to be doing. Which I find pretty cool.”

Our donors and ministry partners keep us accountable and keep us telling the story of Noble Warriors. It’s because of your encouragement and support that we are able to continue to serve churches as they equip men to WALK with Christ and LEAD well.

Tell the Story. Your partnership makes these connections possible.


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