Praying Men

Praying Men

Minute with Mike / June 2018

It’s a privilege for me as a dad to pray for my wife and our kids. It’s also a great blessing for me to know that my father and father in-law pray for me and our family as well.

It’s easy to fall into repetitive prayer habits that simply check a box on a daily to-do list but miss the idea of being specific, intentional and personal about prayer. You’ve probably been there with me. Praying the Bible by Don Whitney helped me with a prayer re-set last year.

Dr. Whitney’s simple, practical encouragement to pray scripture has been a blessing to me in many ways. I now read the Bible each morning looking for specific prayer prompts; letting God stir my heart through His Word.

Additionally, Psalm 23 has become my go-to prayer prompt. I love to walk through these familiar verses praying for our kids and others.

As Father’s Day approaches, let me encourage each one of us…

If you’re a dad, pray through Psalm 23 for your kids.

As you honor your dad, pray through Psalm 23 and be reminded of how your father served as a shepherd in your life.

If your father has passed or wasn’t present in your life, pray through Psalm 23 and delight in the care, protection and provision of the Eternal Father/Shepherd.


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