Prayer is Not Optional

Prayer is Not Optional

“I just pray all the time! I just love doing it!”

Pastor Don Coleman loves prayer. After a health scare in 2009, when he suffered a diabetic coma for 3.5 weeks and only given a 15% chance of survival, prayer became his life and testimony. Even medical professionals have told him how he was a ‘miracle’. Pastor Don gives all the glory to God and credits the prayers of friends and family.

With his testimony as a foundation, Pastor Don enthusiastically challenged the men at this year’s Richmond TNM conference about what it means to be a NOBLE MAN who prays.

“Prayer is critical because you are putting yourself in an awareness that you’re in the presence of God… When are you in the presence of God? Always!”

During his workshop, he encouraged men to make prayer a lifestyle. “Prayer is not just for when you’re at church!” Using Acts 17:11-12 Pastor Don taught the men that they need to receive the word of God with eagerness and examine the scriptures every day.

The practical aspects of the NOBLE MAN’s prayer life also comes through studying scripture and spiritual discipline as he stressed that prayer needs to become part of the NOBLE MAN’s daily rhythm. Pastor Don put it this way…

“One of the best ways to build your prayer life is to build your Bible knowledge.”

Pastor Don understands that prayer takes work, but the payoff is greater. And for the guys struggling with prayer, he says to ask the Lord to teach us to pray just as the disciples asked Jesus.

“Prayer is an unmatched tool and is available to NOBLE MEN. It demonstrates a confidence in God.”

Pastor Don urges men to take that confidence to heart in their personal prayer lives and back to our churches by starting small prayer groups because the NOBLE MAN is truly a praying man.

“Prayer is not optional. God needs more of us to pray and to be unashamed to pray.” 

NOBLE MAN… God is waiting to hear your prayer. Are you ready to talk? Are you ready to listen?


Testimonies from Workshop Participants:

Pastor Coleman is an inspirational prayer warrior and he shared his sense of joyfully praying. He loves it!

A good teacher.

I was encouraged to try to start a men’s prayer ministry at my church.

Overall good workshop and discussion. I definitely came away with something useful.

The workshop was very good. It ran smoothly and had a lot of attendee participation and group conversation. It also answered a lot of questions about payer and how it works and is affected by a Christian’s relationship with God. It also addressed the necessity of continual prayer in a close relationship with God.

The best apologetics on prayer I have ever encountered. Albeit, Pastor Don’s “personal touches” certainly helped.

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