Minute with Mike / February 2019

Our sons often remind me (and Stacy) that lecturing is an ineffective parenting strategy. Although I think I’ve given some powerful ‘Dad Lectures’ over the years, I know there’s greater impact when I process expectations, concerns and discipline with them.

This truth holds in the realm of men’s discipleship as well. There’s much to be learned from a well-delivered message, but the points are driven home as men ‘process’ together. We incorporated processing time in our schedule for Leading Noble Men.

It was a great blessing to see pastors and leaders discussing new material and thoughts together. We retain and apply more information when we wrestle with it together.

Where could you employ a ‘processing’ strategy in your life?

  • Let’s pray together that God will prompt us to engage others in ‘processing’ what God is teaching or how He is leading.

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