Family Update | June 2022

HANNAH went to a prom. With a guy. I was speechless. My little girl is beautiful! She also traveled with her cousin, Kyndall, to visit the Hawaii Youngs. They enjoyed the sights and the beach as well as playing with little Owen!

BEN finished his 3rd year at NC State and headed to Cottonton, AL for his internship with WestRock. Before he left Raleigh, he started working with his church to launch a mentoring initiative in the fall.

ZACH completed Common Core, the first phase of his pilot training. Now, he moves on to learn how to fly CH-47 Chinooks and will ultimately be assigned to Hunter Army Airfield near Savannah, GA.

CAROLINE pinned TIM’S Captain’s bars on him this month. They leave Hawaii in July and report to Ft. Benning in August for the Captain’s Career Course. They’re sad to leave their church, friends, and the island paradise. But we’re excited that they’re bringing OWEN to the mainland!

STACY AND I traveled to Alabama to visit Zach and celebrate finishing this phase of training. We were delighted to visit his Thursday night Bible study group and meet some of his friends. It was a special blessing to meet two couples, Dr. Mike and Pam along with Tom and Cheryl, who are so intentional about investing in college students and young professionals!

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