The Quest vs. 33

The Quest vs. 33

Minute with Mike / October 2019

Both The Quest for Authentic Manhood and 33 The Series are excellent resources to help men understand and live out biblical manhood. The Quest, Winning at Work and Home and The Great Adventure were released almost 20 years ago and feature the original teachings that Robert Lewis developed for his men at Fellowship Bible Church in Little Rock. Untold thousands of men have been discipled by Robert through these resources.

A few years ago, the teachings were repackaged with shorter videos and content being taught by three men, rather than one. Men’s Fraternity 2.0 became Authentic Manhood: 33 The Series. Most of the content from The Quest and Wining at Work and Home are included in the six volumes. The original studies are still available and are now called Men’s Fraternity Classic.

Both are high quality tools to help men understand biblical manhood. Some leaders prefer The Quest, others prefer 33. Both have merits.

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  • Pray with us for more churches to leverage these resources to help their men understand and live out biblical manhood!

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