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COVID has been disruptive for sure, but it hasn’t stopped Noble Warriors from serving churches as they disciple men.

God has worked in us and through us in 2021 to help faithful men take THE RIGHT NEXT STEP in discipling others. Interest in and opportunity for discipling men is growing, and we believe 2022 will be a high-impact year for Noble Warriors.

As you consider the statistics and stories, pray with us for clarity about right next steps…

for Noble Warriors to serve more churches and for your partnership with us in the mission!


Serving Adventurously,

Mike Young, Executive Director



“The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps.” Proverbs 16:9

18 hours to change your life and your legacy forever.

That’s what Nolan found when he dared to take THE RIGHT NEXT STEP.

What if THE RIGHT NEXT STEP isn’t what you planned it would be, what you thought it would be, or what you wanted?

Nolan knew he was supposed to start something. The only problem – he didn’t feel equipped or prepared. But what he found was life-changing, and not just for Nolan.  

Every man has the rumble in his gut to up-anchor and overcome inertia.

Every guy wants the result of taking that step, but too many of us are afraid to take that step. You’ve got to do whatever you have to do to take that first step. 

Sometimes you need backup.

Nolan was at a point where he was seeking God and what He wanted him to do. His vision was for a neighborhood group to meet – men who were all new to the Word. Nolan felt the call and was determined to overcome that inertia.

That’s when he connected with Noble Warriors. Now he had backup on this new endeavor. He wasn’t alone. 

It is impossible to steer a boat that isn’t moving. If there is no motion, there’s nothing to steer.

We get frustrated that we don’t see God moving our lives even when we are not giving Him the opportunity to direct us. Anxiety and even fear can come before taking that first step. But once you overcome that, as Nolan found, it’s game on!

Nolan began seeking God, and he began telling men at church about his small group. And you know what? It didn’t go as planned. It wasn’t what Nolan thought it would be, but when Nolan started moving, God started directing him. No one in his neighborhood ended up joining the group. Instead, some men from church took interest and dove in.

Nolan first had to practice obedience and put the word out. He had the take the right first step. Then he had to walk it out. Now, he has momentum. 

Taking THE RIGHT NEXT STEP has a ripple effect.

Nolan implemented BetterMan® and attributes Noble Warriors as a catalyst to engaging the right resource. It is the first BetterMan® group he’s led and the first study designed to go deep.

“It’s impossible to go through it and not get close unless you are not engaging.”

The guys didn’t really know each other at first, but they have been willing to be open. According to Nolan, if he had not had backup, he might have made a different decision when things didn’t go as planned.

It’s a good thing he didn’t because, as a result, lives are changing. 

As they went through a lesson on Priorities, one man faced a life-altering decision. He made that choice with other men to back him up, and we can’t wait to tell you that story in November. 

11 weeks. 

18 hours.  

That’s how long it takes to complete a BetterMan® course with other men. That’s how long it takes to change a life and legacy forever. That’s what drives Noble Warriors ministry to Engage, Equip, and Encourage men.

Now Nolan sees a bigger vision and has received constant encouragement from Noble Warriors. Realizing the potential, being tied in with Noble Warriors, it could become something really impactful. What if each guy helps another church start a group?

Noble Warriors exists to catalyze men like Nolan for Christ, but we don’t do it alone.

Maybe the step Nolan took seems small to you, but maybe it seems astronomical. Sometimes it does when we take THE RIGHT NEXT STEP.

Each of us has a step to take, and we would like to know if you’ll take the first step to join us.

Learn more.  



Check out the resources.  


The course awaits. It is time to get moving.

“Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.” Psalm 199:105



When was the last time a pep rally helped anyone take THE RIGHT NEXT STEP?

Over twenty years ago, Nate and Allison were high school sweethearts. He was the captain of the football team, and she was the captain of the cheerleading squad. Now they are still cheering each other on as they raise their five children, and both work in ministry at Southside Baptist Church in Suffolk, VA.  

He’s a Team Player

He wasn’t going to sit on the bench; he got in the game. When Nate’s pastor, Fred Gray, asked men to step up to the plate in a ministry that was on their heart, Nate knew what his RIGHT NEXT STEP would be. He launched a church ministry that he called Men Ready and began to eat, sleep, and breathe men’s ministry.

Since Southside Baptist is my hometown church, Nate and I connected, and knew right away that we were cut from the same cloth. Since then, Noble Warriors has been an extensive resource for the Men Ready ministry.

Using Men’s Fraternity curriculum, he formed multiple teams, each led by a Coach to facilitate. At the end of the first year of Men Ready, Mike spoke at the “graduation” for the team to encourage the men over a huge steak dinner.

Something different happened this year …

In Lock Step Together

In September, the men kicked off another session of Men’s Fraternity, and Allison saw an opportunity.

She remembered a time when Pastor Brian Autry, who had served as interim pastor at Southside Baptist in previous years, had preached on submission. The term is often misunderstood or given a bad rap, but Brian taught it in a new light. Submission to anything is coming up under the mission. It’s a necessary support that gives energy and wings to any mission. 

These men were striving to create brotherhood and pursue discipleship. The women knew their RIGHT NEXT STEP was to get behind them and support what they are doing to be spiritual leaders and build relationships with one another.

“We want to encourage them, especially when they are trying to be the men God created them to be.” 

Once a Cheerleader, Always a Cheerleader

The Men Ready group – aka the “MR”s, were getting ready to be surprised by the Men Ready Support – the “MRS”s. And they went all out!

“If the men are doing a football team, we are going to have a pep rally.” 

They had it all – matching tees, pom poms, a balloon arch and run-through banner, the theme from Space Jam, and an official announcer to shout, “Let’s get rrrready to rrrrumble!” 

It was more than wives supporting husbands. The whole women’s ministry rallied behind the men. One single dad brought his children with him, not knowing there was no childcare, and the ladies jumped in to care for his children so he could stay and study with the men.

They saw a need, filled it, and even decided to begin rotating childcare so that any single dad could come. 

The Right Next Step is a Multiplier

Nate’s RIGHT NEXT STEP was to start Men Ready.

Allison’s RIGHT NEXT STEP was to rally Men Ready Support.

Noble Warriors’ RIGHT NEXT STEP is to equip and encourage men like Nate to walk with Christ and lead well.

Next month you’ll see how men and families come together in a dire health situation to love and support one of their own and truly step up to be the body of Christ for one another.

You’ll hear how men from other churches came to a Men Ready session so they could go back to their churches to start men’s ministry there.

These testimonies arose directly from the Men Ready group.

When you take THE RIGHT NEXT STEP, it has a ripple effect.

Could THE RIGHT NEXT STEP for you be to help Noble Warriors take THE RIGHT NEXT STEP, and in turn, help others like Nate and Allison take THE RIGHT NEXT STEP?



When Reverend William Gibson started his most recent 33 Series group about a year and a half ago, he had no idea his first meeting would be his last – at least in person. His kickoff was timed right before the world shut down due to a global pandemic. It was unexpected, but what seemed like a crisis became a catalyst. 

Reverend Gibson planned his RIGHT NEXT STEP, but it led him in an unplanned direction.

Meeting Noble Warriors Ignites a Passion

Reverend Gibson has been faithfully walking in ministry as Pastor of True Light Christian Church in Hopewell, VA for the last 21 years. He connected with Noble Warriors several years ago and caught the vision for men’s ministry.

“Influencing one man influences generations.” 

His eyes were opened to new resources and new opportunities. He got excited about 33 Series, and he has been sharing his excitement ever since.


Gibson, a father to two daughters, seeks out younger men to whom he can be a spiritual father, and he encourages each of them to teach someone else too.

Before the pandemic hit, he planned for a local group of men to meet regularly, but when they had to go online, it opened new doors of opportunity. Now his group includes men joining in from as far away as Michigan and both of his sons-in-law. 

Reverend Gibson will be the first to tell you that technology was not his forte. But he didn’t let that obstacle block his RIGHT NEXT STEP. Like Paul, he is eager to entrust what he’s learned to other “faithful men who will be able to teach others also.” (2 Timothy 2:2) And he’s willing to do whatever it takes to create those moments. Gibson sees they have a hunger for the Word and for living their lives as Kingdom men.

What are you excited about?

In a world where too many in the younger generations are leaving the church, Reverend Gibson is taking THE RIGHT NEXT STEP to call them back in and raise them up to lead others. He sees that younger men are eager and hungry. Who will teach them?

A lot of men get fired up about their favorite teams – nothing wrong with that. Reverend Gibson wanted to capture that same enthusiasm for a greater purpose.

“If you are excited, they will be. If you are not getting excited, they won’t either.” 

It’s that simple. That’s the story. He sees men drawing closer to God. He sees them learn something new every time they study together. He sees their passion growing to lead others. And partnering with Noble Warriors has helped equip and encourage him along the way.

Do you get excited when you hear what men like William Gibson are doing? Are you wondering right now what your RIGHT NEXT STEP is or where it might lead? As you continue to ClickRead, and Share the stories that Noble Warriors is part of, would you consider joining us in this journey?

Is stepping into partnership with Noble Warriors one of THE RIGHT NEXT STEPS for you?

God’s Word lights our path, but we don’t always see where that path leads. Thank God for men like William Gibson who are willing to take THE RIGHT NEXT STEP and walk down the road whatever comes his way.



“The state of the family and men is pretty discouraging. We are trying to improve that one man at a time, one step at a time.”

Fred Cox knows that the harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few.

He felt unworthy to take THE RIGHT NEXT STEP, but he knew someone needed to do it.

Stepping Out to Fill the Gap

Fred is the director of the men’s group, known better as “the Brotherhood,” at Clifford Baptist Church in Amherst, VA. He didn’t know where to turn for resources when he took on the role about three years ago, but a quick call to the SBC of Virginia led him to Noble Warriors.

Fred’s background is in business where he provides key machines for other companies to run efficiently, but you won’t see his equipment on the floor. It’s a behind-the-scenes kind of operation, the kind that’s crucial to the backbone of others but is not seen out front.

His approach to men’s ministry started from the same place. He wasn’t looking for visibility; he was looking to fill the gap.

“I feel unworthy, but somebody needs to step up.” 

Providing Backup

For Fred, Noble Warriors has been his backup, supporting him from behind the scenes since day one. He keeps in touch with Carl Benjamin, our Southwest Regional Coordinator, and that connection has fed him and given him the tools he needed for the Brotherhood. He and the group have even utilized tools like The Manger Build® for the entire church.

Noble Warriors had to take THE RIGHT NEXT STEP in faith when everything shut down. We started 2020 with our first conference in Roanoke, VA, never expecting it would also be the only conference. After over ten years of full conference seasons, we couldn’t have imagined a year or more without one.

Fred and the Brotherhood were there for that conference, taking three full vehicles of men. One man couldn’t stay for the whole day, but he made the trip just to hear from speaker, Crawford Loritts, and then left at lunch.

Fred had been utilizing the resources Noble Warriors pointed him to, and the Brotherhood at Clifford Baptist supported six groups of men going through 33 The Series. But in 2020, COVID decimated all of that for a while. It wasn’t until The Noble Man Tailgate there in the Fall 2020 Tailgate Season that the flame was sparked to light up the groups again.

Catalyzing and Multiplying Men’s Ministry

The Tailgate was a catalyst. Guys from church came, told others about it, and they wanted more. Now they have seven small groups meeting regularly, and Fred’s vision continues to grow. He sees marriages and families changing for the better.

He sees men’s ministry multiplying through guys from other churches who will take their RIGHT NEXT STEP to plant men’s groups back at their home churches.

“We are making a difference.” 

From support to tools to catalyzing events and accountability, Fred’s partnership with Noble Warriors has been intertwined with the work he stepped up to do.

“Without Noble Warriors, I’d be looking around for something.” 

Fun and Food With a Purpose

The Noble Man Tailgate is more than just a fun weekend event, though it is that. It’s a Kingdom Gathering of Men. It’s a place to:

  • Eat with the Guys 
  • Worship The King 
  • Get Sharpened by The Word 
  • Take the Right Next Step 

The key is for men like Fred to take THE RIGHT NEXT STEP so growth doesn’t stop at the Tailgate. Scripture says the fields are ripe with harvest and the laborers are few. When one man steps up, other men join.  

Will you step into prayer, support, and labor with us in the fields, at the Tailgates, and whatever RIGHT NEXT STEP God puts before us?

Then he said to his disciples, “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few; therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest.” Matthew 9:37-38



It’s time to tell a story about something we as a ministry got to do. We’ve been highlighting men who have taken THE RIGHT NEXT STEP and praising God for whatever part He has allowed us to play in that. But, as we shared with you, Noble Warriors is moving forward in our RIGHT NEXT STEP too.

Our calling has always been to come alongside the local church. It has been in our mission statement since day one. 


This month we had the opportunity to serve those on the frontlines of ministry in those local churches at the SBCV Annual Homecoming 2021 at Liberty Live Church in Hampton, VA. The SBCV is celebrating 25 years of ministry this year, and for just one morning, we had the privilege of physically feeding those who are investing their lives in spiritually feeding others. 

It was a daunting task, if we are being honest. 

We are not in the catering business and didn’t know exactly what it would take to feed over 300 attendees.

But we took THE RIGHT NEXT STEP and found out.

With the help of 30 volunteers from 12 different churches, we cooked and served a hearty, hot breakfast of:

  • 60 pounds of bacon 
  • 45 pounds of New York Strip 
  • 30 pounds of whole hog sausage 
  • 38 dozen eggs 
  • 450 pancakes 
  • And untold gallons of shrimp and grits! 

And of course, we served it up Tailgate Style since that is our culinary specialty! 

In John 21:12“Jesus said to them, ‘Come and have breakfast.’” I guess we took that literally. This scene was the third time Jesus had seen some of his disciples after his resurrection, and He prepared a meal for them. We also know He fed them just before his death on the cross. Feeding others is a recurring theme we see Jesus do over and over again in the New Testament. And in John 21:17, He tells Peter to “feed my sheep” out of love for him. Jesus knew that his sheep need more than physical food and nourishment. We need constant feeding on the Word of God. 

We are thankful for the pastors and shepherds of the SBCV who willingly obey Jesus’s commandment in being devoted to the Lord’s service and caring for his flock. It was an honor for us that early morning to develop relationships with them and create visibility and momentum for Noble Warriors so we can serve more churches and reach more men. It was a blessing for us to receive many warm thanks and genuine appreciation.

Often THE RIGHT NEXT STEP is to get out of our comfort zones and do something that stretches us, and this experience was definitely a stretch for us.

But our biggest challenges also lead to greater victories as they require us to remember we are wholly dependent on God’s provision.

It is a needed reminder to us as we face a new year with new opportunities. God knows what we need, and He will provide as He always has so faithfully in the past.

I hope you’ll keep reading the stories of THE RIGHT NEXT STEP and praying about what role God would have you play in THE RIGHT NEXT STEP for Noble Warriors.



Sometimes THE RIGHT NEXT STEP is just to keep moving forward, even if the circumstances around you change.

Sergio Wooden, “Woody” as he’s known best, has lived his life in service to others. As a retired naval officer of 25 years, he now serves as the Director of the Refuge Ministry Center for Biblical Counseling, a ministry of Ramoth Baptist Church in Stafford, VA. The ministry’s arms are spread wide open to encompass widows and widowers, young adults, a food pantry, a counseling center, a men’s ministry, and more. 

So when the pandemic threatened to bring those ministries to a screeching halt, Woody wasn’t about to let that happen.

His senior pastor set the precedent: if men are willing to meet, meet. Take every precaution, but meet. Not only did they meet, but Woody saw an uptick in Bible studies and men wanting to pray and dig deeper.

They had a real desire for intentional ministry.

Things had changed for these men during the pandemic. Their lives were in a constant state of fluctuation, whether it was because of policies at work, concern for their children, or new situations. As leaders of their homes, they wanted to make sure they were doing what God wanted.

They wanted to connect, fellowship, discover, and live out what God’s Word means in difficult times.

When everything around them remained shut down, they made a way to continue to meet. Taking increased precautions, they relocated to their fellowship hall where they could safely spread out, and they sacrificed their breakfasts so they wouldn’t be sharing food.

But as Woody points out, “We were feeding them spiritually.” 

Though Covid was a time of difficulty, the men of Ramoth saw the opportunities it provided, and they recognized the need for a greater sense of urgency. Woody saw men wanting to be more actively engaged. Some sought assurance that their relationship with God was right. Men were stepping up, wanting to know what needed to be done and how they could do it. 

They saw beauty in the pandemic: they now had more time and wanted to fill it with something God-honoring and useful.

Over 6-7 months, the men took on several projects serving families and older church members: 

  • Building two wheelchair ramps
  • Repairing stair rails
  • Repairing steps and decks
  • Replacing a widow’s deck and porch.

It all happened because men saw the time, resources, and abilities they had, and they wanted to use them for God’s purposes. 

Woody had his first connection with Noble Warriors a few years ago at a men’s ministry event at Spotswood Baptist Church. He was introduced to 33 The Series and continued to discover new resources every time he engaged with Noble Warriors. As a leader, Woody was challenged personally to challenge other men to become the leaders God designed them to be.

We recently connected with Woody at the SBCV Homecoming, where we hosted the workshop, “Discipling Men: Force Multiplier.” 

Woody is a force multiplier. He is committed to implementing 2 Timothy 2:2, coaching and mentoring men to help other men.

“It’s a crazy dynamic, finding someone who has been where you’ve been and someone who is going where you’re going.” 

Woody wants to get men on board with equipping others in areas like stress management, becoming better stewards, and training the next generation. He wants to take it outside their church doors into the community, other churches, and any other open paths they find. Through it all, God is the focus, and He gets the glory for any change and impact they have in people’s lives. 

It’s all about building the Kingdom, and his greatest motivation is to help men and women understand God’s grander plan for them. Woody is praying that 2022 is more open, but he isn’t letting obstacles stand in the way of taking THE RIGHT NEXT STEP.

Noble Warriors has some pressing needs for 2022 to continue to encourage and equip men like Woody in their missions.

And just like him, we know we need to keep moving and taking THE RIGHT NEXT STEP through the obstacles in front of us.

Will you take 3 steps with us right now?

  1. Pray for Noble Warriors as we seek THE RIGHT NEXT STEPs God would have us take in 2022.
  1. Pray for God’s wisdom and provision in hiring new staff members that we are seeking to fill immediate positions.
  1. Click this donation link to see how you can support us. Every dollar counts. We know the end of the year is a time when many are looking to give. Would you prayerfully consider a gift to Noble Warriors? 



A Couple on God’s Assignment

We get to tell a story this week about a young couple in a unique time in their life when they took a powerful RIGHT NEXT STEP.

Ben and Jenna had just graduated from college and were awaiting their next assignment since Ben serves our country in the Army. They were still living in a college town though they were no longer attending college. The couple had been active in their school’s chapter of Valor, a ministry of Cru for those serving in the military, and a mentor there connected them with The Noble Man Podcast. Both of them dove in and started listening. Jenna loved the episodes, especially for women, but she enjoyed them all because she saw that men’s issues affect everyone. Often the couple would relisten to episodes together, discuss them, and purchase any resources mentioned.

In September of 2020, we started our podcast series on sexual integrity. It hit Ben hard. By God’s grace, he had not personally had to battle the issue, but he began to see how much it was affecting the individuals and culture all around him. The next series on the podcast was on discipleship. When he heard the two back-to-back, Ben knew what his RIGHT NEXT STEP needed to be and determined to use the time he had in this season of waiting to invest in guys around him on this topic.

Even though they were between assignments, they were still on assignment.

He put the word out through Valor with a time and location for any guy who wanted to come and find a safe place to have open discourse about the struggles and challenges they face regarding sexual integrity. Jenna was 100% on board, supporting Ben and ensuring he had a place to meet that would value the privacy of the guys who came.

Overall, he estimates they had about 20 guys, all military in some form. Ben knew his time there would be limited, but he wanted to leave the guys with the means to be open and honest with other men, look to the Bible for answers, and pray for one another. He saw them go from a place of apathy, hopelessness, and frustration to being willing to fight for sexual purity.

Now, as all these young men receive their next assignments, they will go with the tools to fight and the power to fight it with other guys.

A Thin Thread Connection

The only reason we know about THE RIGHT NEXT STEP they took as a result of listening to The Noble Man Podcast is because of a thin-thread connection they have with Mike and Stacy’s son Zach.

There is an old song in the vaults of Christian music – before it was really even considered a genre – called “Thank You for Giving to the Lord” by Ray Boltz. The premise was a man who went to Heaven and was approached by individuals who were there because of many small acts of sacrifice he made on earth. He never knew the impact of his giving or serving until he reached Heaven. As some of the lyrics go, 

“One by one they came
Far as the eyes could see
Each life somehow touched
By your generosity
Little things that you had done
Sacrifices made
Unnoticed on the earth In Heaven now proclaimed.” 

It’s a scenario out of the songwriter’s imagination, but those lyrics reflect stories like that of Ben and Jenna. While we are on this earth, we will never know the impact they have had on the lives of the young men they met with who are now headed to be scattered worldwide. 

We want you to hear stories like theirs because it is your giving that makes them possible.

Without our partners and generous donors, there is no podcast. The doors of our ministry remain open by God’s favor through you. In your generosity, you are the hands and feet of Jesus. 

Thank you for your prayers and support this year! Would you now pray about two things?

  1. Would you consider giving an end-of-year donation to Noble Warriors?
  1. Would you also consider becoming a monthly partner if you are not already?

We have put before you our need to bring on more staffing to fulfill what we believe God wants us to do in 2022. We know we are not alone in this, and we thank God with every remembrance of you! (Philippians 1:3) 



THE RIGHT NEXT STEP series has been all about the impact one man can make when he takes a step of obedience to help disciple other men. It’s so cool to see how these stories stem from some connection each of them had with Noble Warriors over the years.

It begs the question: How do we reach more men for even greater Kingdom impact?

It is a question we have been pondering with a great deal of prayer and fasting over 2021, and as we launch into 2022, we want to give you the WhoWhatWhenWhere? and Whyof the process we have been going through to determine our RIGHT NEXT STEPs and how you can partner with Noble Warriors in the new year!


David Romig and Rich Babbitt, members of our Board of Directors, launched a process in early summer to help crystallize the vision for THE RIGHT NEXT STEPs for Noble Warriors in 2022.


They began with prayer and fasting and continued with interviewing staff, partners, volunteers, pastors, and men’s leaders.

  1. We wanted to find answers to questions about what Noble Warriors does best and where we are truly needed or where we might be leaving gaps.
  1. We needed to explore how we are most effective in serving churches while they seek to build men.


The process began in the early summer with regular roundtable discussions with pastors, donors, and leaders. It is ongoing, with Mike and the Board still participating in weekly calls.


Real-life, Zoom, phone calls, you name it. We utilized whatever means possible to seek and find crucial information.


  1. The not-so-great challenge was Covid. It severely affected our ministry as well as many of the churches we serve. We had to shut down conferences and other in-person meetings and events, many of which have been at the heart of the ministry for years. We have all had to adapt to a new landscape that looks like it might stay in this season of ministry. 
  1. We had a positive challenge from ministry partners across the country who encouraged us to think of THE RIGHT NEXT STEPs beyond local ministry. We are one of the few organizations that helps churches and pastors minister directly to their men. They can see farther than we can see, and they have cast a vision for us to think bigger, expand our boundaries, and equip more churches and more men. 
  1. The most pressing catalyst is the impact stories we hear. These ongoing testimonials of faithful men who made changes in their lives years ago and are now impacting others has lifelong implications. “Wow” moments are great, but when those moments turn into change for the duration, that is priceless. 

How Can You Partner with Noble Warriors?

Along with growth comes growing pains. Covid forced us out of our comfort zones. We had to get creative and find culturally relevant ways to engage others in the unchanging message. We went from events and conferences to The Noble Man Podcast and Tailgates. We had to be willing to get out of the way and let God show us we can successfully reach others doing things we have never done.

We’ve been called out and called up. Churches across the country need Noble Warriors. 

One of David Romig’s favorite verses has been Deuteronomy 31:8. “It is the LORD who goes before you. He will be with you; he will not leave you or forsake you. Do not fear or be dismayed.” 

  • Will you pray with us about leveraging the resources and skills we have gained over the years to serve churches best as they minister to men? 

We know God is going before us and walking with us in our RIGHT NEXT STEPs, and He is not limited by our capabilities. We are fine-tuning our skills and resources, going from the wide focus lens to zoom. We want you to be just as excited and just as prayerful as we are with what God has for us going forward. 


A donation might seem like a drop in the bucket to you, but with every drop, there comes a ripple effect. We can see where a ripple effect begins. We can even see layer after layer of ripples that come from the initial impact. But can anyone ever see where the ripple effect ends?

Your investment is not in us but in the Kingdom.

Noble Warriors exists to come alongside the local church, support them, and connect them with valuable resources that will help them invest in biblical manhood.

We know that when a man submits himself to Christ, everything changes, and we need prayer and funding to carry on the work God is putting before us to do.

We are praying for you!



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