Seeds Planted Over 10 Years Ago, Still Producing Fruit

Seeds Planted Over 10 Years Ago, Still Producing Fruit

Pastor Dusty took a ‘pastorselfie’ with his men!

In 2006, Noble Warriors facilitated a local Men’s Fraternity group during which Ronnie experienced a significant impact in his life and marriage. In 2014, Ronnie shared about this experience with Dusty Webb, a young pastor at Love Covenant Fellowship and his men’s ministry leader, Larry.

So, Larry reached out to Todd Christian, a Noble Warriors board member, for more information. That discussion led to Love Covenant launching 33 The Series (a remake of Men’s Fraternity) for a group of 30+ men.

The impact was strong and deep. Pastor Dusty recounts just one young man’s experience…


They got on their knees and prayed together in that moment. He’s now plugged in to a small group with his pastor.

These men joined us for ISI in 2016 and are still going strong!

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