Significant Family Milestone!

Significant Family Milestone!

Young Adventures / July 2017

Hannah finished the school year with several academic awards. She’s busy babysitting and cleaning houses to raise money for her summer camp experience at WinShape.

Ben finished out the school year by being elected as the Junior Class President. He started the summer working a basketball camp with his high school team.

Zach graduated from High School. He’s learning much and getting stronger doing construction work with his grandfather this summer.

Tim was home for almost two weeks after a leadership assignment with Air Assault training. He’s headed out to meet friends in Washington DC and Austin TX.

Stacy and I have simply delighted in celebrating milestones with the kids and cheering for them as they take on new responsibilities. But, the most significant Young family milestone in June was our 25th anniversary!

Thank you for praying and supporting our family!

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