South Asia, Plumbing, Hungary, & Hawaii

South Asia, Plumbing, Hungary, & Hawaii

Family Update / August 2019

HANNAH AND MIKE returned from their father/daughter mission trip to South Asia. Her favorite part was tea stall evangelism.

BEN is finishing up his SUMMER of PLUMBING. He’s learned much about this trade and working with others. He’s also saying goodbye to a small group of seasoned men that he meets with for Bible study on Tuesday nights.

ZACH just returned from a trip to Hungary with ROTC cadets from across the country. He connected with another believer in the HDF (Hungarian Defense Force) early in his trip. They were able to encourage each other in their faith!

TIM is in Hawaii! Stacy and I had an opportunity (thanks to some Southwest vouchers and a companion pass) to visit him for most of a week. He has leased a house and purchased a second car. It’s a great adventure as he prepares to get married in about 30 days and bring his new bride to HI to start their lives together. As we talked about this adventure, he commented that the work he’s doing made him think about Jesus preparing for his bride, the church. I love how God gives us new perspectives on His love for us!

We are thankful for your prayers for Noble Warriors and our family. God continues to amaze us with his provision and grace!

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