Stacy Young


Stacy has a pretty tight connection with the ministry being married to our fierce leader, Mike. And while her priority right now is her family and pouring into the lives of their children (Tim who is married to Caroline, Zach, Ben and Hannah) she also serves the ministry in various capacities.

Her main responsibility is Donor Management but she also works on other projects dealing with reporting, financial analysis, etc. And she coordinates the recording and gear sales so you will see her at each of our conferences.  Stacy has a passion to help young moms and families to see the value of investing in their families because God ordained the family as the foundation of our society.

Fun Facts About Stacy

  • I am all about support groups for different phases of life as a parent. My family says I suck the air out of the car and constantly push my foot down when teaching my kids to drive! My knees are literally weak and I’ve never been so glad to be on solid ground when the drive is finished…definitely cause for a support group!
  • My favorite ice cream is chocolate peanut butter.
  • My favorite pizza topping is Hawaiian (ham and pineapple).
  • A Pontiac Sunbird Convertible was my first car.
  • If I could have dinner with someone from history, I would chose Corrie ten Boom. I admire her courage to help Jews in Holland escape, saving hundreds of lives even at the cost of her own family persecution. She was bold and deeply prayerful as she put her life in danger. Her legacy of helping others impacts generations after her.