Part 7 of THE RIGHT NEXT STEP Series

Sometimes THE RIGHT NEXT STEP is just to keep moving forward, even if the circumstances around you change. 

Sergio Wooden, “Woody” as he’s known best, has lived his life in service to others. As a retired naval officer of 25 years, he now serves as the Director of the Refuge Ministry Center for Biblical Counseling, a ministry of Ramoth Baptist Church in Stafford, VA. The ministry’s arms are spread wide open to encompass widows and widowers, young adults, a food pantry, a counseling center, a men’s ministry, and more. 

So when the pandemic threatened to bring those ministries to a screeching halt, Woody wasn’t about to let that happen. 

His senior pastor set the precedent: if men are willing to meet, meet. Take every precaution, but meet. Not only did they meet, but Woody saw an uptick in Bible studies and men wanting to pray and dig deeper.

They had a real desire for intentional ministry. 

Things had changed for these men during the pandemic. Their lives were in a constant state of fluctuation, whether it was because of policies at work, concern for their children, or new situations. As leaders of their homes, they wanted to make sure they were doing what God wanted.

They wanted to connect, fellowship, discover, and live out what God’s Word means in difficult times. 

When everything around them remained shut down, they made a way to continue to meet. Taking increased precautions, they relocated to their fellowship hall where they could safely spread out, and they sacrificed their breakfasts so they wouldn’t be sharing food.

But as Woody points out, “We were feeding them spiritually.” 

Though Covid was a time of difficulty, the men of Ramoth saw the opportunities it provided, and they recognized the need for a greater sense of urgency. Woody saw men wanting to be more actively engaged. Some sought assurance that their relationship with God was right. Men were stepping up, wanting to know what needed to be done and how they could do it. 

They saw beauty in the pandemic: they now had more time and wanted to fill it with something God-honoring and useful. 

Over 6-7 months, the men took on several projects serving families and older church members: 

  • Building two wheelchair ramps  
  • Repairing stair rails 
  • Repairing steps and decks 
  • Replacing a widow’s deck and porch. 

It all happened because men saw the time, resources, and abilities they had, and they wanted to use them for God’s purposes. 

Woody had his first connection with Noble Warriors a few years ago at a men’s ministry event at Spotswood Baptist Church. He was introduced to 33 The Series and continued to discover new resources every time he engaged with Noble Warriors. As a leader, Woody was challenged personally to challenge other men to become the leaders God designed them to be. 

We recently connected with Woody at the SBCV Homecoming, where we hosted the workshop, “Discipling Men: Force Multiplier.” 

Woody is a force multiplier. He is committed to implementing 2 Timothy 2:2, coaching and mentoring men to help other men. 

“It’s a crazy dynamic, finding someone who has been where you’ve been and someone who is going where you’re going.” 

Woody wants to get men on board with equipping others in areas like stress management, becoming better stewards, and training the next generation. He wants to take it outside their church doors into the community, other churches, and any other open paths they find. Through it all, God is the focus, and He gets the glory for any change and impact they have in people’s lives. 

It’s all about building the Kingdom, and his greatest motivation is to help men and women understand God’s grander plan for them. Woody is praying that 2022 is more open, but he isn’t letting obstacles stand in the way of taking THE RIGHT NEXT STEP.  

Noble Warriors has some pressing needs for 2022 to continue to encourage and equip men like Woody in their missions. 

And just like him, we know we need to keep moving and taking THE RIGHT NEXT STEP through the obstacles in front of us. 

Will you take 3 steps with us right now? 

  1. Pray for Noble Warriors as we seek THE RIGHT NEXT STEPs God would have us take in 2022. 
  1. Pray for God’s wisdom and provision in hiring new staff members that we are seeking to fill immediate positions. 
  1. Click this donation link to see how you can support us. Every dollar counts. We know the end of the year is a time when many are looking to give. Would you prayerfully consider a gift to Noble Warriors? 
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