Part 6 of THE RIGHT NEXT STEP Series

It’s time to tell a story about something we as a ministry got to do. We’ve been highlighting men who have taken THE RIGHT NEXT STEP and praising God for whatever part He has allowed us to play in that. But, as we shared with you, Noble Warriors is moving forward in our RIGHT NEXT STEP too. 

Our calling has always been to come alongside the local church. It has been in our mission statement since day one. 


This month we had the opportunity to serve those on the frontlines of ministry in those local churches at the SBCV Annual Homecoming 2021 at Liberty Live Church in Hampton, VA. The SBCV is celebrating 25 years of ministry this year, and for just one morning, we had the privilege of physically feeding those who are investing their lives in spiritually feeding others. 

It was a daunting task, if we are being honest. 

We are not in the catering business and didn’t know exactly what it would take to feed over 300 attendees.

But we took THE RIGHT NEXT STEP and found out.

With the help of 30 volunteers from 12 different churches, we cooked and served a hearty, hot breakfast of: 

  • 60 pounds of bacon 
  • 45 pounds of New York Strip 
  • 30 pounds of whole hog sausage 
  • 38 dozen eggs 
  • 450 pancakes 
  • And untold gallons of shrimp and grits! 

And of course, we served it up Tailgate Style since that is our culinary specialty! 

In John 21:12“Jesus said to them, ‘Come and have breakfast.’” I guess we took that literally. This scene was the third time Jesus had seen some of his disciples after his resurrection, and He prepared a meal for them. We also know He fed them just before his death on the cross. Feeding others is a recurring theme we see Jesus do over and over again in the New Testament. And in John 21:17, He tells Peter to “feed my sheep” out of love for him. Jesus knew that his sheep need more than physical food and nourishment. We need constant feeding on the Word of God. 

We are thankful for the pastors and shepherds of the SBCV who willingly obey Jesus’s commandment in being devoted to the Lord’s service and caring for his flock. It was an honor for us that early morning to develop relationships with them and create visibility and momentum for Noble Warriors so we can serve more churches and reach more men. It was a blessing for us to receive many warm thanks and genuine appreciation. 

Often THE RIGHT NEXT STEP is to get out of our comfort zones and do something that stretches us, and this experience was definitely a stretch for us. 

But our biggest challenges also lead to greater victories as they require us to remember we are wholly dependent on God’s provision. 

It is a needed reminder to us as we face a new year with new opportunities. God knows what we need, and He will provide as He always has so faithfully in the past. 

I hope you’ll keep reading the stories of THE RIGHT NEXT STEP and praying about what role God would have you play in THE RIGHT NEXT STEP for Noble Warriors. 

Click here to view photos from The Noble Man Tailgate Breakfast at the SBCV Homecoming.

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