Supporting the Ministry Through Golf {20 Years & Counting!}

Supporting the Ministry Through Golf {20 Years & Counting!}

Gathering of Men and Noble Warriors will kick-off the 27th Annual Golf Tournament in one week. On Thursday, June 7th, you will have the opportunity to participate in this annual golf event, ultimately transforming men, marriages, families, churches and communities. You can make a difference by fielding a team, sponsoring a hole or simply playing a round of golf! But don’t take our word for it…David Lotz is no stranger to Gathering of Men or this tournament.

“My dad (Paul Lotz, Lotz Realty Co.) had been a strong supporter of Ike Newingham’s ministries, starting with Youth for Christ, then Youth Focus, and then the Gathering of Men. Of course Ike was his son-in-law and my brother-in-law. The support has gone on for probably 4 decades.”

David credits his dad for the support of Gathering of Men all those years ago, but continues to support Ike through the golf tournament.

“I have played in the tournament now for probably close to 20 years and I must say that no other tournament I know of gives a decent prize to all the golfers like this one. The food has always been top notch too.”

With over 20 years of experience, David has also had plenty of unforgettable runs on the course.

“One of my most memorable tournaments came when we were to play Cypress Creek the first year it opened. We were supposed to play 36 holes that day but no one even finished 18! The temperature was in the 40’s, the wind was howling, and we had a combination of rain and sleet falling. It was truly miserable when you had to wipe a cold wet seat on the cart after every shot.”

Thankfully, that day wasn’t enough to keep David away from the tournament. As a member of the golf committee, David has also been able to see the first fruits of the tournament.

“I know the tournament was the major fundraiser each year for the ministry. Without it, there would not have been enough support to fund the men’s ministries of Gathering of Men on the peninsula.”

This year the tournament has about 16 sponsors with some great prizes, but even David agrees the greater prize is the camaraderie shared on the course. When asked “what can first-time tournament attendees expect next Thursday?” he had this to say…

“The GOM tournament has always been the highlight of my golfing each year. Always held at a great golf course, super group of men every year, terrific food and fellowship, and confident the funds collected were going to a much needed men’s ministry. Men active with their church and family represent the key to our society. Any ministry that strives to achieve this goal is well worth supporting.”

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