Minute with Mike / March 2018

The truth is God is always at work. Even in the midst of difficult things. I need to preach to me a bit sometimes and simply be reminded that ministry is not easy and we shouldn’t expect it to be. Satan is opposed to what we’re doing.

I once heard Bishop Joseph Garlington say, “Every step in the Kingdom is contested.”

During a conversation about their films, Stephen Kendrick once said, “A movie does not want to be made.”

So, we must push through challenges to accomplish what God wants… not what we want. To that end, we know of many victories in spite of the setbacks.

The teenage guy who perpetrated the vandalism in Roanoke is being ministered to by the host church and others in the community. Join us in praying that this young man will find hope in Jesus!

A father and son had a really cool interaction with one of our keynotes for Fredericksburg even though the conference was cancelled.

I spent several hours with Steve Coble (one of the Fredericksburg keynotes) visiting the monuments in Washington DC. It was quite a treat for this 50-year-old white guy to talk about race and culture with a 31 year-old African American pastor while standing at the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial! What a blessing!

One group from a local church was on the way when they learned that the conference was cancelled. They stopped and had breakfast and great fellowship together.

Another man was bringing a reluctant young father. They also had a great time of fellowship and transparency over breakfast when they learned the conference was cancelled.

Pray with us for these small seeds to bear much fruit! We know there were other stories as well but these made it to our attention! We are thankful that God works, even when the lights are out!

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