Minute with Mike | April 2022

A couple of themes continue to surface as we focus on mentoring.  

  • Everyone knows mentoring is valuable.  
  • Seasoned men want to invest in young men.  
  • Young men are looking for wisdom.  
  • No one knows how to get started.  

Guys, here’s a bit of truth. You’ll never experience the joy of seeing God use you in the life of another man if you keep sitting on the sidelines. It’s time to get up and get in the game. The mentors who are highlighted in Pat’s story somehow got over their inhibitions and made a difference in a young man’s life.  

You may say, “I don’t feel called.” “I don’t feel qualified.” Neither of those excuses is true. Read Titus 2. Older men are instructed to teach younger men. You have a wealth of experience, and it’s time to share it with some other men. Sure, not all of it is good. But here’s the awesome truth, God will use what you learned from your mistakes to help other men get through tough situations.  

He wants to use your story to encourage other men, but you’re the only one who can share it. So, pray that God will put men in your path that you can invest in. You’ll need to listen and not lecture. Be willing to go the distance with another man and point him to the Cross! Every man I know needs to see Christ at work in the lives of other men. 

Live that example for them!  

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