Tax Rules are Changing, Our Mission Isn’t

Tax Rules are Changing, Our Mission Isn’t

Why donate under the new 2018 tax reform law?

With the new standard deduction increasing and tax rates decreasing, your itemized deduction status may change. But the Noble Warriors mission remains UNCHANGED! We serve churches as they equip men to walk with Christ and lead well! More than ever we need men to step into Biblical manhood and start creating a legacy of a healthy family foundation.

Donating appreciated stocks, annuities, donor-advised funds & IRA transfers avoids all capital gain taxes and is a BIG WIN for the donor. Also contributing to a charity for anyone over 70 drawing an RMD from IRA’s/401k’s can reduce your taxable income. Every gift helps “Ignite the Change” in men’s lives. If you have any asset giving questions, contact Jerry Overman at our office, 804-447-1720 or

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