Thankful for God’s Word & It’s Application

Thankful for God’s Word & It’s Application

Originally Posted by Mike Young November 2005

All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the man of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work. 2 Timothy 3:16-17

Happy Thanksgiving! I have been contemplating how to address the issue of thankfulness through Noble Notes. Let me share a story with you…

Last Saturday evening Noble Warriors presented a parenting seminar on discipline. One of the things I try to do at these seminars is share a bit of information about how we do things at our house. Not because we are perfect or have all the answers. I assure you we do not. But in order to let others know that we all struggle with similar issues.

Near the end of the seminar, I invited Stacy to the front with me and we shared a bit about discipline in our home. We talked about how our children are each different and have to be shaped differently. Our most challenging project right now is our four and a half year old son, Benjamin. He personifies the Dennis the Menace stereotype in many ways. His blond hair is typically a mess. He vigorously rejects anything related to girls. He has a goodnatured but mischievous way about him. He is strong for his age and he knows it. On Monday evening, the boys were going to watch an episode of “Little House on the Prairie”. Zachery (6 ½ yrs.) was in the seat that Ben wanted so Ben picked him up and moved him. That’s when the trouble started.

Now what do I do? Well here’s how it went…

First I called him from the room where they were watching the TV, and then I made him sit in the corner with his arms and legs folded. (A trick I learned from my dad.) That wasn’t enough but I needed time to figure out what to do next. I thought about a spanking, but Ben is a child who would probably prefer to be spanked because it’s over quickly and he can get back in the game. Inspiration came and here’s what I did next. Ben is strong but I want to help him learn to use his strength, determination and grit for good things rather than being a bully. I called him to the kitchen table and had him sit in my lap while I opened the Bible to Matthew 5.

I read him one verse. Matthew 5:5 from the beatitudes, “Blessed are the meek for they will inherit the earth.”

I then talked with Ben about the concept of meekness, as I understand it. Meekness can be described as strength under control. I explained to Ben that I know he will be capable of many things with his strength but that it is important to use it for good and not for bad things. We talked about some good things that he does with his muscles, like helping with groceries and raking leaves.  I explained that it makes Mommy, Daddy and God happy when he uses his strength for good. We also discussed some bad things that he could do with his strength that would make us all sad and is indeed sinful. As we talked, tears began to stream down his face. I never even spoke sternly to him, but I think our talk got to his little heart.

I don’t know if he will remember it. However, I do hope that the fact that we used God’s word as a basis for discipline (shaping him) will be part of his memory forever.

I’m thankful for:

  • God’s Word and its useful application to our lives. It’s a tool I should use more often.
  • The privilege of being father to three sons and a daughter. The joys and challenges of this job fill my life.
  • The power of God to change lives… mine, Ben’s and yours.
  • A beautiful and supportive wife who completes me. She is a gift from God.
  • Our extended family which encourages and supports us in a variety of ways.
  • Men like you who challenge me and allow me to challenge them to walk closer with Christ.

Give Thanks to the Lord, our God and King! His love endures forever!

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