The Big Win

The Big Win

Minute with Mike / September 2018

BIG EVENTS often get much attention but sadly don’t often deliver on what they promise. Most of the pastors and leaders I talk to measure the success of their men’s ministry by event attendance. I get it, energy, hype and attention attract men. Unfortunately, these won’t sustain.

Events of all types… conferences, retreats, men’s steakouts, fishing trips, golf outings, mission projects, big game dinners… should be part of an overall strategic plan to help men grow in faith.

“Guys will gather for steak or road kill pizza but too often we celebrate men eating physical meat without helping them move to spiritual meat.”

I’m not bashing men’s events. I love ’em and attend many. But, one of the keys to what we do through Noble Warriors is help churches and church leaders understand that events should be few in number and high in quality. Even more important, events should be part of a strategic plan to help men walk faithfully with Jesus and lead well.

Our Noble Man Conferences are designed specifically to provide an exciting catalytic event experience for men from your local church.

A one day regional event featuring masculine worship, compelling speakers, practical workshops and helpful resources, gives your men an opportunity to be challenged to grow spiritually and enjoy Kingdom fellowship. That’s a win, but the BIG WIN is when your team has a ‘right next step’ planned for the men.

Men often experience a significant spiritual movement at The Noble Man. We often hear, “This is awesome! What’s next?” Noble Warriors exists to help you plan and execute a high impact plan to capture that moment!

  • Pray with us… Our desire is to see over 500 men from over 40 different churches on October 13.
  • Pray that every church will have a plan to capture and sustain the momentum of the day for their men.

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